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This guide will help you to write your own brief so that your project(s) can come to life exactly as you envision!
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Your answers will give me get a clear idea of your project requirements, timeline and vision, and going through the steps will help you to clarify your needs and collect any missing details.

Also just a quick note, any question with a * is one that's important and helpful for you to fill out. If you skip over those ones, you'll have to go back at the end to finish them.

About Your Business

What do you create, sell, offer and/or help people or businesses with? *

Product, service, or ?
What are the key points in the history of your business?

Tell me how it all started and how you got to this point.
Who are your main competitors? *

If they have websites, please include their URLs.
{{answer_29871519}}, what is the single most important thing that sets your business apart from the competition? *

Tell me about your unique competitive advantage or selling point, and how you maintain that for your clients.
What is your brand mission? *

Let me know about your brand values and what you want your brand to ultimately be and do.
Where can I find your website, if you have one?

About your project

Other than yourself, are there any other contact people for this project? *

If yes, please list their names and roles below:

What is the best way to correspond with them?

What are you looking to create, {{answer_29871519}} *

What is your budget range for this project? *

What are your objectives and expectations for this project? *

Make sure to specify your deliverable requirements and deadlines, as well as any particular design standards or constraints you would like me to take into account.
What is the deadline for your project to be delivered?

From your deadline, we'll work backwards to establish a schedule. 
If you're flexible on delivery, let me know in the next step.
Here's where you can list a few more projects details for me, if needed.

Any suppliers or manufacturer's involved? Templates to be used? Do you know what file formats you'll need provided? 
If you're not sure, that's ok! We'll work those details out together.
What way(s) would you like to receive or share files? *

About your target market

{{answer_29871519}}, what is your target customers' gender? *

How old are your target customers? *

And what is their socioeconomic status? *

How do they find and learn about your brand/product/service? *

Which of the following marketing inputs is most likely to influence your customers' buying decision? *

What else can you tell us about your customers, {{answer_29871519}}? *

Briefly describe their values, decision-making process and, if you already have a brand, how they currently perceive it.
About You

{{answer_29871519}}, what is your last name? *

Could we grab your phone number, {{answer_29871519}}?

Please include country and area code.
Lastly, do you have a Skype account name in case we want to have a chat?

Please include the country your account says you're located in.
Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider?

If you have any project reference to send me, please forward your files or links to colleen@colleenkeith.com.

Reference include your brand guidelines, templates, logos, images, mockups or drawings, inspiration and/or related collateral.
And that's it! You're done! Good job.

I'm going to go through your brief, and get back to you with any questions, comments and next steps to get your project rolling. 

If you missed anything, don't hesitate to email me at colleen@colleenkeith.com!
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